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Celebrity Birthdays in May

Image courtesy of http://www.kylie.com/fashion/2012/

Nicola our Creative Director at Fuschia celebrates her birthday at the end of May so we thought we would look at some celebrities who celebrate their Birthdays in May too.

Lily Alen, David Beckham, Adele, Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnon, Joan Collins and Kylie Minogue to name a few!

We will do some research and see if we can find out what they did to celebrate to give you some inspiration, so watch this space!

We love the photo of Kylie as she is dressed in Pucci.  To find out more about Kylie’s fashion view her website at http://www.kylie.com/fashion/2012/ we thought this was very apt with the new launch of Pucci makeup with Gueralin.

We know what will be on Nicola’s Birthday List!

If you have a birthday in May, let us know by commenting on this blog how you will be celebrating!