Wedding Wednesday With Sarah Ducker of SJD Events Ltd Part 1

 Planning A Wedding?

For anyone planning a wedding, you will definitely need to grab yourself a coffee and have a look at the chat we shared with our guest Sarah Ducker from SJD Events Ltd.

A hugh thank you to Sarah for sharing these fantastic tips, we will bring you part two of our chat in the coming weeks.

Budget Planning – Always have a budget in mind when you start planning your wedding, and then keep a detailed spreadsheet of all the costs.   As you really do not want to start married life with a huge debt.

Keep Focused – Always remember that it is ‘your’ day and to ensure everyone is singing off the same song sheet with your dream/vision.

Timing – This really is crucial to the success of the day. We have all been to parties and events that went on too long, dragged in places or that we were looking at our watches wondering when would be a polite time to leave. Your day has to be well paced, not just for your guests, but for you. It is an exhausting day that whizzes by in a flood of adrenaline and leaves you wilted but thoroughly elated by the end of it! Realistically, the right amount of time from start of the ceremony to end of the reception is 10 hours. Allow no more than 90 mins for your drinks reception and dancing for 3-4 hours is plenty.

Allow enough time to Plan – Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable experience, and hopefully, a one-time experience! A common thing I hear from couples is that they wished they had relaxed more into the planning instead of feeling fraught and anxious. It is time consuming planning a wedding and I suggest leaving yourself at least 8 months if you are planning it without professional help.

When in doubt Ask – Never think you are asking a silly question, as experienced suppliers will always be more than willing to share do’s and don’ts to ensure you are getting value for money.

Kensington Magazine, Editors Review of SJD Events in May edition

This month in The Kensington Magazine ( you will see an interview by Lucy Elliott, the Editor with Sarah Ducker of SJD Events, which is really exciting.

Last month, Sarah  popped over to Lucy’s office and over a cup of tea and cake she interviewed her for this month’s edition.   Sarah is thrilled with the final copy, which you can see yourselves at (page 6).

Sarah can be contacted on Tel: 020 7823 7811 or Mobile: 07770 406879

Or feel free to email her at

For more information about Sarah and SJD events take a look at her website and blog and

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