Honeymoon Makeup for Fasionista Brides, Guerlain by Emilio Pucci

Images courtesy of Gueralin

As a huge fan and collector of anything Pucci we were so excited when a girlfriend tipped us off about the new Emilio Pucci makeup collaboration with Gueralin.

This collection is called “Terra Azzurra Summer 2012” which has been inspired by the Italian Riviera.  So there is no surprise that the colour palette for this designer cosmetic collection boasts earthy terracotta and mediterranean tones.

Images courtesy of Gueralin

The complete collection consists of bronzing powder and blush, 4 colours of eyeshadow, kohl eyeliner, mascara, terracotta lip gloss and two nail colours.   A must have for any Pucci collector is the blush brush which can be kept safe in the stunning original fabric Pucci print pouch.

Images courtesy of Gueralin

These are a must have for your honeymoon hand luggage to give you that extra special glow!  Also your new hubby won’t bat an eye lid as considerably cheaper than an item of clothing or hand bag!

These are limited edition so don’t miss out, these should be available at Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Images courtesy of H&M

To complete your honeymoon look we recommend packing a couple of different style dresses which will look stunning with the new Pucci makeup collection.  Two of our favourite are from H&M in blues and aquas and at the bargain price of £7.99 and £19.99.


Then with a splash of Miss Pucci perfume your good to go and in the mood for your magical get away!

For more detailed information on the Pucci and Gueralin makeup collection check out this great website:



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